Thursday, October 4, 2007

Soooo Sleepy!

So. My Daddy's ok.
They ran another test to determine if the problem is his gallbladder or intestines. It's looking like his gallbladder, but they want to be sure. If that's what the problem is, hopefully the surgeon will go ahead and operate so's he can come home sooner. If that's not what it is... well, we won't think about that. Intestines are a little more complicated. But they're pretty sure about the gallbladder. And I have never typed gallbladder so many times in my life before. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've even typed it before tonight.

Also, my parents aren't sure why they did the heart sonogram, but the cardiologist hasn't gotten back with them, so his heart must be ok. :-) which is great.

Maybe you've noticed I'm a little wordy for almost 1 AM.
Ugh. It's because I had a large coffee from McDonalds. Now I will tell you how and why:

I got home from church, and decided to call and tell my mommy that we made it safely. Then she told me that Daddy wanted his breathing machine, and Daddy wanted me to bring it. And I really didn't want to. But I did. And I also took a pillow and earplugs for my mommy, who decided to spend the night at the hospital. So, Laura and I left the children with orders to go to bed ASAP (which, they did. I'm so proud of them), and off we went, into the dark and the rain, to the hospital an hour away. But I was getting sleepy, so we stopped at McDonalds, where all of the employees were just sitting around talking.
Nice Employee Man Who Was Leaving Soon: "Good evening! Can we help ya?"
"yes, actually. Y'all got any coffee?"
NEM"I dunno, but if we don't we can brew some - unless you want iced coffee... that doesn't gotta be brewed. But we'll brew ya some!"
"Oh, that would be lovely"
They laughed.
On- duty employee: "Can I take yo' order, ma'am?"
"Yes, please. I need a small coffee and medium fry."
-off-duty employee woman: "How old are you, anyways?" She made a funny face at me.
"Eighteen." I smiled.
"Wha-?! You look fourteen!"
... I just smiled.
"Huh. You look real young. When I was 18, I looked 21! I got in to anyplace I wanted."
NEM: "I don't even want to hear them stories."


The Nice Employee Man and strange woman who were off, left. Everyone else forgot about me. Finally, some woman said "Hey! Did anyone check that lady's coffee?!" And then they gave me a large since I had to wait so long.

I drank most of it at the hospital. It was weird seeing Daddy all drugged up and mostly incoherent. 0_o But I'm super glad he's ok.

Anyways. Now I'm home, and it's almost 1, and I still have lots of caffiene in me... I hope going to sleep isn't too hard.

But now you know the whole story about me getting coffee, and you know how Daddy's doing.

Driving around at midnight was a first...

Anyways. I'm done rambling now. **yawn** And I still have work tomorrow! Augh!

Thanks so much for y'all's prayers. Love you!!
Princess Caitlin

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  1. Well, THANKS for the update!
    I'm glad to hear that it sounds like your Dad is OK! :) That's so wonderful... I prayed for him!

    That's REALLY funny about McDonalds and all! :D

    Don't feel bad, though- When you're 40 you'll look 25! :)
    Won't that be GREAT??? :D


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