Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh help!

And the orders keep coming.

This is amazing. And kind of scary.
I have to crochet like ALL the time now. Good thing I enjoy it.

I got up this morning, knowing I had 2 custom orders to work on this weekend. No big deal. I got it covered. So, I sit down at the computer to do my usual checking of the email and blog and shop and all that, and discover I have 3 more orders, and 3 more convos about custom orders. ... There went my leisurely weekend. lol

And so, it's super-cool and awesome and stuff, and it's a little overwhelming at the same time. It means I need to get serious about this, and actually devote the time to running this shop that it requires. No more putting off custom orders til the night before they're supposed to ship. I gotsta get my act together!

Which also means I need to be keeping track of ... stuff. Like how much profit I'm making after supplies and fees. Holy cow, the fees have racked up this month. But I'm pretty certain I've made close to what I make working at preschool on Etsy. Now that is nifty.

But you know what's grand about all this? (besides for the convos from total stranger that say "omg! I love your shop! so cute!!" lol) I'm going to go buy some cute clothes on super-sale from Chadwicks. That's what.

By the way, here's that supercute pumpkin hat I made. Isn't it adorable? It's so leetle... :D It actually doesn't look much like a hat like that... but the bottom is really stretchy.

Wouldn't it be so ironic if after this post, all sales suddenly stopped?
And then I would feel stupid for being excited/stressed in the first place. :D

Have a happy Saturday, y'all!
-Princess Caitlin


  1. aw yay for you and your orders! cute pics too.

  2. Congrats on all the orders. It's sure an amazing feeling! The pumpkin hat is adorable!!!

  3. Well done on the orders! Keep up the good work - people out there NEED your crochet!! (people like me!)

  4. you are too cute!

    its a good thing to have all the orders, but overwhelming too.

    I know how you are feelin!

    just wait til the end of november/beginning of december!!ahhhhhhh!

  5. glad to hear your biz is picking up -- hope that happens for us all! That pumpkin hat is too cutie!

  6. I was the lucky one to receive this pumpkin hat from my wonderful friend Tracey!

    I love it! You do amazing work and I will cherish it forever!

    Jennifer :-)


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