Friday, September 5, 2008

Books and Yarn are Happy Things

I've finally finished reading Mere Christianity!
( It took me far too long to read, thanks to the growing yarn stash I'm trying to whittle down.)

It was a really enjoyable book. (I seem to be at a loss for good adjectives tonight.) Well written, and easy to understand, it was serious without being heavy or dull. Lewis had a great sense of humor, and a knack for explaining things with neat little analogies. A very quoteable sort of fellow, too.Whether you're looking for the meaning of Christianity, a little encouragement and guidance, or simply an enjoyable non-fiction read, Mere Christianity comes highly recommended by me. ;-)

I went to the library today and checked out House of the Seven Gables, a book of Ernest Hemingway's short stories, and Villette on CDs. House of the Seven Gables I had gotten on CD before, but decided not to listen to it after the introduction. I could tell by Hawthorne's style and wit that it will be one of those better read. Somehow those long, rabbit-traily sentences, and ironic jokes don't have the same sort of effect when someone else is reading.

I'm not anxious to begin Villette, because I'm sure it's going to be dark. I like dark (Dark like Charles Dickens, and the Bronte sisters. Not dark like... well, creepy and morbid), I'm just not sure that I'm ready to dive in yet. I know it's going to be a good story, though. It has to, right? ...

I'm curious to see how I will like the Hemingway collection. I listened to The Old Man and the Sea on CD a few weeks ago, and couldn't wait to put in the next disc every time it stopped. Of course, that wasn't very often - it was a short story, you know. But still. The narrator was very talented, and combined with the vivid, prosaic imagery, I was pulled right into the tale. On the other hand, Laura read A Farewell to Arms, and dubbed it "crummy." We shall see.

Those aside, I'm expecting another book from Amazon to come any day now. But let's move on to my other topic, shall we?

You will recall my mention of an ever-growing yarn stash. I have discovered the most wonderfullest place to buy yarn online. Dangerous. Today, in a valiant effort to organize the masses of yarn attempting to entangle my dear little room, I pulled it ALL out, and TRASHED some of it! **gasp** Only the bits and peices of leftover stuff I'm never going to use. You know how I know I'll never use it? Cuz I've had it for 3 years and never used it. Anyways. Now I have a whole boxfull of new yarn from that great website. I've only used a bit of it so far to make a custom hat for a very nice lady.

I've got a couple things made already that need listing, and then even more things in mind that I need to get started on. ... Not to mention the partially finished pairs of gloves that are all stashed in a bag under my bed. I'm pretty much hating those gloves right now. They're a pain to make. But I NEED to make them! People like them! **sigh** I like them, too. Just not making them.

I have also added a few new items to my shop.

A nice little scarfling,
and slippers in a new color.

I plan on making the scarfling in a couple different lengths and colors.
Just need to do a little more shopping. ;-)
I'm really proud of the picture of this one, actually. Methinks it turned out pretty sweet.

Today I put to use some bits of yarn left over from slipper-making. They turned out so cute! Guess I'll list them over this week. The sad part is, hats are my favorite thing to make, but they are certainly not the best sellers. Nevermind, though. They make me happy. :)
So, I suppose that's all the bookish, crafty talk I shall bore you all with now.
I'm off to have a little more tea before I sleep.
Wishing you a pleasant weekend,

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