Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Girly Shoe Post

I made a record number of sales yesterday.
That's pretty cool.
Not that I'm suddenly rich or anything, but I did sell 4 pairs of slippers yesterday.
And then some. Yay! Keep buying stuff, people! This is fun! lol

Guess what?
I want to buy some boots. I've been looking at boots all day.
It's fall now, and the boots I've worn with everything for the past 4 years or so are rather tired now. Considering my price range, I'm sticking with ebay and the like.
I've looked around Etsy, too.

Call me crazy - I thought I hated 80's fashion, but these ankle boots are so cool. These, and the pixie kind, with the little piratey fold-down cuff. (like these!!) Black boots are cool, but they're too dark for me. So, I'm leaning towards grey or taupe.
And chocolate brown.

Oh, 70's boots are good, too. Like these on the right.

I was looking for red mary janes the other day, and discovered that I LOVE Steve Madden shoes. Particularly these gorgeous red leather ones with the super-cute strap and button... ah.

But I can't afford Steve Madden, so I'm still looking. :D

So, if I have it my way, I'll have a nice pair of boots that go with everything, and a cute pair of red shoes to go with everything else. If I don't have it my way, I'll ... wear my scuffy old boots with everything, and wear my tennies with everything else. lol

I love shoes. :)

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