Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall!

YAY! It's the first day of fall!!
The weather is amazing.
And because I'm so happy, I'm offering free shipping in my etsy shop til Wednesday!

I would enter a picture of the cute little pumpkin hat I made right here, but I haven't uploaded the pictures yet, so I can't. I can, however, show you a goofy picture of myself wearing my awesome little bird earrings.
Nicholas said, "hey, what are those earrings supposed to be anyways? Comets?"... I was like "uh, no. See the little beak? it's a bird."

In his defense, he has terrible vision.

I'm hoping my cool little scarflings will sell well. They're fun to make. I have a new black one up in my shop. So very cool! I like how they can be used for so many things.
I have a couple white ones from when I learned how to make them. Now I need to make a black one and a yellow one for myself. The only problem is, I can't wear them in my hair! It's still too short!

But, as a side note, I do plan on growing my hair back out. I don't know if I had mentioned that again or not. Yes, finally. I'll tell ya what persuaded me, and you'll laugh. (Actually, I had mostly decided to already) I was reading this book that said if I planned to get married, I should live like it. And I figured that since I want to have long hair for my wedding, I should go ahead and start growing it out. You've heard that story about the farmer who prayed for rain AND plowed his field in faith? Well, I'm growing my hair out in faith that I'll eventually have a wedding. And if I don't, well, I was going to grow it back out sometime or another. LOL

So, that was off-topic. This is supposed to be an Etsy post.

I'm actually here taking a break from crocheting.
I have lots of custom orders to work on today. Did I mention how I love custom orders? Especially when people are so nice to me. :)

I'm making some of these pink slippers in a grown-up size. Without the heart buttons. I'm not sure what buttons I'm going to use yet.
I'm also making another Mary Jane style pair in a ruby sort of color to donate for a giveaway a fellow etsian is doing. Yay! Methinks I should make lots of them and offer them more frequently in my shop.

So, I think that's enough Etsy talk for now. I haven't forgotten my next Suggested Writing post. :)
Happy Monday!


  1. Haha, you're too cute!!

    Adorable earrings.

    And you look fabulous with short hair. I'm sure you'd be just as beautiful with long.

  2. OMG I'm so happy to have found your blog and your etsy shop- You're so talented! It is full of lovely items!


  3. Definitely do more of the mary jane style!!! the pair that you sent me in the mail are to die for!


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