Monday, January 10, 2011

less and more

I realized recently (for the seventy-twelfth time), that I spend way too much time on Facebook.
I like facebook. I like "connecting." But the problem is, there's not been a lot of connecting going on. Mostly just me, looking through my newsfeed, checking people's pages, waiting for something interesting to happen in someone's life that would move me to comment or think or something.

How. Pathetic.

And so, another unofficial resolution this year is to spend way less time with Facebook and more time with actual books. So far so good. To help with this resolution, I've started a 52 Book Reading Challenge for myself at You can click on my challenge link to see what I've finished and reviewed. So far, I've got one book knocked out and I'm well on my way to finishing the second. If I keep motivated, I may heighten my challenge to more than 52. However, this new ambition will probably wear off with a little more time. We'll see. :)

I'm having a lot of fun rediscovering goodreads while on vacation from facebook. So, to my reading blog-friends, if you have an account, add me! And if you don't, it's worth checking out.

I feel like an advertisement.

So, I think I'm going to run off and finish my current read. Happy Monday!

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  1. I've been meaning to join Goodreads for a very long time, and this post was just the motivation I needed to finally do so. Thanks for the nudge!

    I am totally guilty of spending too much time on Facebook. I think it's time for me to step away from the activity feed as well. Yay for real books, AND real life!


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