Saturday, January 29, 2011

known and held

As I'm learning to lean on Truth to conquer insecurity, I keep coming back to Psalm 139.

"God, You have searched and known me. You encompass my paths, know my ways, and hear every thought and word. You have surrounded me with yourself. I can't even understand all of this! It's too much for my mind to comprehend. There is no place I can escape from your presence. No matter where I go, your right hand is there to uphold me.

You formed my inward parts. You know things about me I don't know. You created me meticulously, beautifully, lovingly, before I was even thought of here. All the works of your hands are marvelous - including me. You made me who I am and laid out the days of my life before they began.

How precious are your thoughts toward me! If only I knew. The earth is covered with sand, yet your thoughts for me are more numerous still than every grain. Know my heart. Know my anxieties. Cleanse me of what keeps me from the purpose for which you made me, and lead me in your paths of eternal life."

So, as I was reading it again this morning, I noticed it says "your right hand is there to uphold me." And I really don't know if it technically has significance or not (I haven't done any study or research...), but it just struck me as kind of awesome that, with everything God is in control of, out of everything he could possibly need his right hand for, he has it extended to me. The world is spinning around like mad, and God has his right hand stretched out to uphold me, no matter where I am.

That's just awesome. I am so important to Him! It doesn't even make sense.

Every time I read this psalm now, I think of this song. Listen. It's pretty.

"Savior, you have known me as I am. Healer, you have known me as I was, as I will be. In the morning, in the evening, you have known me. In my rising, in my sitting down, you see me as I am. And as a lover knows his beloved's heart - all the shapes and curves of her, even in the dark, Oh you have formed me in my inward parts, and You know me."

(If you have time, listen to a couple more of her songs. They're all really good.)

P.S. The above quote scripture is not an exact quote of any translation. It's the Caitlin Paraphrase.

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  1. Gotta love Psalms and Proverbs! Also, I lol'd at the "Caitlin Paraphrase". ;-)


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