Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy 2011

Hi, blog world!

As you can see, I took a break.
My blog couldn't decide if it wanted to be ramblings about my life, etsy related stuff, or the slightly deeper ponderings on Jesus and love, so since it couldn't make up its mind, I abandoned it. My personal journal has been feeling very loved. ;-)

It still hasn't decided, but it told me I should at least pop in and wish you a happy new year. It's going to be a good year, I'm pretty sure. And I actually made resolutions! a sampling:

  • finish that guitar lesson book I've had around for forever
  • read the entire Bible
  • really stick with trying to teach myself the french language
  • hopefully find a nice person who speaks fluent french who wants to befriend me and help
  • knit an amazing beret

One of my unofficial goals is to sketch more. I've been on a fairy kick lately. viola! (that's french. ^.^ lol)
Actually, I think I drew the leaf-clad fairy last year. Oh well.

I really love this ginger fairy. She turned out so perfect! I've discovered I love "painting" on and giving everything a watercolor kind of look.

I've never seen an emo fairy before, but I like her.

So, here's my first blog post for the year! I don't really know if I'll keep blogging or not, but I'll probably pop in from time to time.

How's your year starting off?

<3 Caitlin

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