Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm still busy!

While absence of blog updates may lead you to the conclusion that I've not been up to much,
let me assure you that the truth is quite the opposite. I may not have been blogging, but I have certainly been busy. One thing with which I've been occupied is crocheting, of course.
Let me show ya:

Khaki and Brown Cabby.

Earthy Hippie Hat.

Blue V-Stitch Beret.

Happy Woolen Bird Friend.

These last two I conjured up last night. Blue hat was created while I was watching Kronk's New Groove, and Birdy during Pirate of the Caribbean.
All freehanded, as usual - straight from my little noggin.

Wait, well, I did use a pattern for the cabby, but I'm the one who wrote the pattern,
so it doesn't really count as using a pattern. :P

In other news, I went to Savannah and had a lovely time. I've decided that I would like to live there for a summer and ride my bike around everywhere, frequenting coffee shops and parks with books and such. How very picturesque it would be.
As if.

So, anyways... what's new with you?


I love my job, but I'm glad next week is the end. ;-)


  1. LOVE the Cabby!!! Great work!

    You are so creative....I so wish I could crochet....I really need to go to a class.

    Oh, living in sweet Savannah...I would love it as well...I would want to wear a big hat(back in the day type of hat!) riding my bike everywhere!:)

    i love getting updates in my feeder!

  2. I love the cabby and the hippy hats! Add crocheting to the list of things I'm not all that great at. I can crochet a simple chain stitch and that's about it. I've gotten pretty good at crocheting wire though...since, well, you only need to know the simple chain stitch!

  3. The hippie hat is my fav and that little birdie!

  4. Wow all those things are great!!
    I'm so jealous that you can freehand like that >.< Lol
    Keep up the great work!

  5. It's good to hear from you, Caiti Dear! I was wondering where you had gone to. Y'all need to come and visit at church...we haven't seen y'all in forever! Will you be going on the prayer advance this year?

  6. I know, Rosalie!
    But Laura and I have been thinking, if everybody up there loves us so much, THEY should take a turn and drive down HERE for once. ;-)
    I'm sure we'll come visit sometime this summer - and if God provides the money, we'll go, but as for now, it's looking like we might not be able to. :(

  7. Very seems that it always ends up that y'all have to drive down here, when we should take our fair turn to come and see y'all. Oh, well, maybe one of these days we'll finally get the chance to catch up a little. Did y'all go to Six Flags on homeschool day? We didn't make it...but I wondered if y'all were there. That would have been fun!

  8. we didn't. Season passes don't count for special days. :P bleh!


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