Friday, May 22, 2009

Crochet Foray

New things have been on the crochet horizon lately. On my quest to venture into making different sorts of wearables hence unexplored, I heard of a magical land called Ravelry and requested an invitation. (You have to have a code to get in) It's this cool community of knitters and crocheters, full of patterns and projects and tips and tricks. Yay! So, I found this neat free pattern for a cropped cardigan type thingy. The pattern calls it a capelet. Actually, the pattern is the crocheted version of a knit pattern inspired by a capelet somebody saw in Anthropologie. That was a tongueful. Or it would have been if I had said it.

Anyways, like I said, I found this pattern and decided to give it a whirl. I had the yarn lying about just waiting for this type of project, and everyone said that it worked up really fast. Fast projects are the only kind in my world.

True enough, a couple of hours and a skein and a half later, I had this lovely little blue ... thing. I don't think capelet is an appropriate term, and "cropped cardigan" sounds snobby. Bolero? Shrug? Whatever.After such success, I decided to try again with some Caitlinesque modifications. Some lovely green yarn I found on sale was also waiting for just such a project. Such was also the case with a pair of black vintage buttons - they're reserved until I find just the right project that deserves them. And this was going to be the one. With something more vest-like in mind, I set to work.

Exactly two skeins, a couple hours, and an episode of Good Eats later, I had this:

After taking this picture, I realized you could probably see it better against a not-so-similar shade. You might not can see them, but I safety-pinned the Favorite Buttons on. I'm very pleased with my result, but a little sad because it seems to be too small. Of course, it's supposed to be small-ish, but... yeah. I think I'm going to have to sell it or give it to somebody. And the buttons go PERFECTLY with it. Just like I'd envisioned. Problem: I want those buttons. Nobody else can have them. So if I can't keep this vest, the vest can't keep the buttons.And there you have it.
Should I make more for my etsy?

P.S. I put a poll on my sidebar. Take it! Take it!


  1. I love the green one!
    I made a vest recently that turned out too small also. The only reason I haven't sold it is because I want to keep the buttons. It's good to know I'm not alone in that! :-P

  2. You should definitely make more for Etsy! It looks great, both of them! :) I also like the green one the best.

  3. ADORABLE! Make more! Make more!

  4. That is a really adorable vest! I think you should make more!

  5. very nifty. hooray for making your own version! glad you found ravelry, isn't it the best?



  6. Wow! So cute! Love 'em.

  7. Love the green one! I would call it a Bolero jacket :-) Going to go take your poll right now...

  8. Wow I love your blog! Those vests are adorable; I have lots of yarn laying around I might have to try something like that...unfortunately I'm pretty sure it wouldn't turn out like yours! I voted that you put it on etsy and then I can buy it. :-)


  9. I think they are really cute, and they seem like they'd do well on etsy. You look adorable in it, so you should totally be your own model. I vote yes!

  10. I like how the green one turned out too. I think you should totally make more and sell them. I'm hearting your shop to keep an eye out

  11. I like them both - and they seem to have been somewhat easy to make. Keep one with the buttons and make more to sell :)! The first one is my favorite!!

  12. Everything you make is so pretty!

    But what I want to comment on is how beautiful your hair looks! ;) I SOOOOO proud of you! <3


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