Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So. It's obviously time for an update.
Bullet style!

  • Concerning the Extraction of my Wisdom Teeth: Recovery is nearly over. I'm still a little sore, but painkillers and ice packs are no longer needed. And my precious little face never became disfigured. LOL Yay!
  • Concerning the Prayer Advance: Amazing. As usual. I have to say, I went with a sort of "I think I'm doing pretty good this year. God doesn't have too much to work on this time..." attitude. Man, it's amazing how blind and prideful we silly humans can be. If you ask God to show you where you need help, he has no misgivings about granting your request. The great thing is, after He shows you how horrible you really are, He's right there to help you fix it. :) (I think this topic is worthy of a whole post, so... perhaps I'll work on that later)
  • Concerning Etsy: I got my cute little bird ring while I was out of town! and the buttons I ordered! And I'm working on another custom order. Things are going well!
  • Concerning Birthdays: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I'm 19. The last year of being a teenager. My, how time flies. Only old people are supposed to say that, but it's true. It's definitely strange how time goes faster as you get older.
  • Concerning Other Random Things: I need to redo my toenails... And I think I'm missing an important bullet.
Happy August the Fifth to everyone!


  1. True God shows us our weaknesses..but I alway chat with Him and say I am trying..but since He made me, He knows..I think we get "E" for effort.

  2. God works in mysterious ways. He always helps me out when i need it.

    I*m glad your almost better from your teeth extraction. I did my toenails last night. :P

    Ohhh, lol in dour your last year as a teen....now you*ll feel old.. :P

  3. Happy Birthday! I need to do my toes too! Glad the wisdom tooth adventure is wrapping up -- that is never fun! Cheers!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my necklace. :) I love your etsy shop!
    And happy birthday. :D


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