Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Room

This is my room!
(or part of it, anyways.)
Guess who decided to paint it green?

I suppose this picture is a little misleading, though. My room isn't quite this shockingly bright. It's a much tamer apple green. Thank you, editing software. Also misleading is the lack of clutter. Just beneath where the photo leaves off are the peaks of yarn stash mountain, and clothes that haven't been put away. (my honesty really needs to just shut up sometimes.) Just to the left is the edge of my bulletin board, smothered with drawings from my little brothers and sisters, and pictures of my friends.

Speaking of pictures of my friends - see that superman picture under the purse painting?
That's my friends and I posing with the giant Superman in Metropolis. :D

This shot shows the color of the walls pretty well, but the lighting is still odd. The area around the chime by the window is pretty true to life. ... isn't my guitar pretty? It's not really dark red, though...

My own two corners of my little shared room make me very happy. If I could have any type of room I like, it would be awfully similar to what I have now, though more put-together. I would have more pictures, and they would be in a random, but orderly sort of fashion. If that makes sense. Right now my pictures are just hanging from nail-holes that were already in the wall, thanks to my brothers. :P

One idea I've been toying with for a while is making a graphic collage of my friends. I may never get around to it, but it would certainly look neat.
Like take a picture of each of my friends, and make it really different,
like these sorts of photos.
Only not as self-centered.
And I suppose in order for it to look right, I'd have to pick one style.
High contrast color, high contrast black and white, or outline/threshold style. I can't decide which is my favorite. But I'll probably never do it anyways.

But wouldn't it look cool!

In case you were wondering, this is sort of a random post sparked by Abby Clark, over on her blog. I had other things I was going to blog about today, but my response to her post sort of took over. :)
So, I'll be back tomorrow with other cool stuff!


  1. Beautiful...I LOVE it. You truly are an artist when you have a room that lovely!! Way to go-you inspire me:)

  2. I like ur room! The paint is a really cool color.

  3. Thanks!! I wish I could have made the pic fit the width of my actual post but oh wells. :)
    I really like the colors in your room! :D

  4. aw, I love your room! It's SOOO cute!
    That IS one of my favorite colors! :)

    love you! <3

    ps. I miss you!

    pps. I really want to see you this fall!


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