Monday, August 18, 2008

I'll teach you how to bowl...

...the perfect gutterball.
I was offering lessons yesterday.
It was ironic, though - when I went to demonstrate my mind-blowing losing techniques, I got a strike. LOL

But yeah, I went bowling with a group of people from church yesterday. I haven't been since I was about 11, so I knew I wouldn't be any good. I had no idea how terribly bad I would be. A billion gutterballs in a row bad. You know, sometimes I take a certain odd, twisted sense of pride in being the worst at something. At least, when it's something of little to no importance.

It really was hilarious, though. I had a blast. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did. Talking, laughing, and people-watching are the best of sports anyways, and I excel in those. :D

Plus, I can blame my score of 32 or whatever it was on my skirt, right? It was homecoming Sunday at church, and I decided I just wasn't going bowling afterwards. And so when I decided to at the last minute (when I knew for sure how many fun people were going to be there) I realized that people don't usually go bowling in their church clothes. I really wished for some jeans. But that's okay! Laura and I still had so much fun. Thanks to Amber for the ride there, and Matt for the ride home. And to all the crazy people who let me be my weird little self.
... Yay for my friends!

(To those of you who were at church - did the choir sound good? I felt like we nailed our songs, but... when you're surrounded by altos only, it's hard to tell.)

Um... I have lots to do today. Custom orders to work on, orthodontist apptmt at 2... um... well, nothing else super pressing, but that's enough anyways.

Tomorrow is movie night!! YAY! I get to see my non-church friends! ha - that kind of makes them sound bad. I don't have many friends that aren't "church friends," and it's fun to get to hang out with them. We have the bestest of times. Can't wait!

I can, however, wait for Wednesday. Awana kick-off. Not, not, not looking forward to that. Regular old wednesday night club time, yes. Kick-off, no. And from what I've heard from more experienced leaders, I have good reason to dread. lol ... Personally, I think that club should just start. No crazy shindig stuff. Maybe extra candy or points or something since it's the first day. But then, maybe that's the killjoy in me. **evil laughter** Could just be the dislike of mass confusion and chaos. ... I think that's what it is. I'm not usually known to be a killjoy.

I think this is the first time I've ever used the word "shindig" in my blog. And I've been blogging since... let me check... 2004. A lot of you didn't even know me in 2004. ha! Ah, yes... back in the days of Live Joural and AIM, which have long since been abandoned.

So. Now that you know a little more random stuff about me, I will leave you. Do me a favor and find something to laugh about today. (Even if it's me. lol) You'll live longer. ;-)


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