Saturday, December 1, 2012

I just wanna talk about myself.

I'm twenty three.

Yesterday, I held a little Frank Sinatra concert for one in the shower. Belted out the classics. I really should have been a jazz singer or something. A thought hit me when I got out, though.

"Hey, Emmie... Could you hear me singing in the shower?"
"All of it?"
"... Oh. I always thought nobody could hear me."

All this time. All those concerts. I mean, sometimes I get on a roll and sing like 6 songs. All the way through. Sometimes I really like a song and sing it twice. Oh well. haha.

What's with those girls who are like, "I'm not single! I'm in a long-standing relationship with freedom and adventure!" I mean, hey, I like freedom and adventure as much as the next girl, but I'd rather be free and adventurous with a guy around... Anyway...

I signed up for that series of 5ks. It cost 70 dollars. I only did 2 of them. At least the money went to a good cause. It didn't work to make me work out more, cuz I've only jogged my 3 miles about 5 times this semester. Icky. I bought some new Nikes last week, though, so maybe that will help?

I miss having a bird.

I don't think you understand how much I love coffee.

I don't understand why our own brains work against us sometimes.

My hair is blonde. I promise it is. It's like mediumish ash blonde. But it's not brown. Stop calling it brown. I know it doesn't matter, but for some reason I like being blonde, and it makes me feel like part of my identity is being questioned if you call my hair brown. I know it's silly, just go with it.

I'm really excited about Christmas break because I hope to do some recreational reading. However, I am scared to look at my to-read list and actually pick something to read. My list is like ... a hundred books long. How will I ever pick just one or two?! Oh. That reminds me. I'm on the library's blacklist. I can't log in or borrow books digitally because my fine is like a million dollars or something.

I enjoy exaggerating. I also enjoy wearing socks.

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