Thursday, December 6, 2012

Almost There

English class only took 15 minutes today. I turned in my portfolio and did a short quiz. That was it. It's over. The professor just walked past with a colorful stack of portfolios. There they go! The powerpoint today says "You'll get your grade when I'm done grading. No sooner, no later." So... I wonder when that will be. But I feel pretty good about it.

I loved that class. So much. I'm sad it's over. I hope next semester's English class is as good, but I doubt it will live up. 

So, I've only got 3 finals left til the end of the semester! Tuesday is my physics exam (ewww...), and Wednesday is Math and Philosophy. That's it. Wednesday will be my last day of school! 

A whole semester. Over already. And here's the cool thing. I began with no car and no money, and somehow made it to every class and made every payment. Because God is awesome.

I love school.

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