Friday, June 11, 2010

hello, teeth!

So, Monday I got a call from Cathy at the Office.
She's my favorite Cathy.
Also my favorite person at the office.

And you know what she said?
"Hello dear, would you like to get your braces off tomorrow?"
And I said "ohmygoshareyouseriousCathyIloveyou!"
Or something like that.

Really, I wasn't *supposed* to get them off yet, even though my teeth were ready.
Cathy pulled some strings. She rocks like that.
And so, I went in on Tuesday morning to get my braces off!
But first - a picture with the awesomest orthodontist on the planet.

Dr. Wright is the bestest EVAR. Seriously. Not that I've met any other orthodontists, but if you've met Dr. Wright there's no point meeting any other orthodontists. ha. Nobody could top Dr. Wright. He's just that cool.

Out of the 2 years and 10 months of having braces, getting them off was the worst part. Well, actually that would be right after I got them off. Having your sensitive teeth blasted with icy water and freezing air is pretty uncomfortable.

However, it wasn't too terrible, and it's all over now! And now I have teeth.
... Well I had them before, but now you can see them. In all their toothy glory. It's a little odd, actually. But I'm getting used to it! I was worried I would hate how they look, and I don't, so I'm happy. :)

See how happy I look? Also, I'm wearing TWO bunny necklaces. That was a contributing factor.
And since I had the camera out, and my snake was sitting right there, I ended up with this picture, too.
He doesn't have a name yet.

I used to have braces. Now I don't. That's how the story goes.


  1. YEA!!! Im so happy for ya!!!!
    Cute smile!!!!! Nice Teeth!!!!!lol

  2. Good deal! Look at your pretty smile!!

  3. came over from your etsy store. Your teeth are 2 kids are going into braces this year and next. Yes, I will be officially BROKE, thank you.

    Love your ami snake....must make myself one.

  4. Just look at that beautiful smile!! You totally do look happy, and I love it. I'm also quite fond of your nameless snake. ;-)~


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