Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thoughts for 2010

So, the new year came in with fun times at the Looneys' house. Coffee, Apples to Apples, fireworks, and the best friends ever.

Upon inspection of my cards, I realized I had an excellent description of the perfect boyfriend.

Upon inspection of her cards, Katie realized she had an excellent description of a typical girlfriend. In case you can't read them: Complicated, Fantastic, Naive, and Phony.

We girls have a mantra for the new year. A little rhyming nugget of inspiration, if you will:

-God will send men in 2010-

I know you're so impressed, aren't you? lol So, I guess we can't dictate what God's going to do, but we can have some active faith going on, right? And it makes us laugh, and laughing is good. :)

Furthermore, my blogworld friend Jess inspired me to make an inspiration board.

I have made a small list in my head of things I would like to do this year. I made a small cork board tonight that I am going to add my resolutions, goals, and inspirations to. I encourage you to make one for yourself as well. Organize your goals and resolutions into an artistic visual piece...put it on the wall in a place you will look at every day. I have mine placed to the left of me as I sit at my desk.

Now to procure a corkboard. Or maybe I'll improvise with an unused poster frame I have. Oh, and lest I forget - some goals to fill it would be nice, too.
Let's see...
  • A book a month - plus review/synopsis
  • Write random kind notes
  • Save a couple thousand dollars
  • Read my Bible
  • Consistently practice the guitar
  • Maybe learn some French
  • Drink more water

What else? I need an Etsy goal. None of those are really "whoa! noteworthy!", but I'm trying to keep it realistic and doable, but something I'll have reason to be proud of at the end of the year.

Ideas, people?

In the meantime, keep an eye out on my shop. I'm going to try to add a new item every day this week! I've already got 3 things finished, so watch for them!

Here's some new things you might not have seen.
Nothing like a good, stripey beanie!

What do you plan on doing this year?


  1. I love your 2010 "to do" list.
    That saying "God will send men in 2010" is hilarious! I'm sure all will come to fruition this year for you. Keep us updated. Look forward to hearing more.

  2. Ha! I love the mantra and I might steal it for myself! Very very clever...

  3. LOL!!!! I love your saying "God will send men in 2010" Pray that it comes true for me too. ;) lol

  4. God will send men in 2010. but if He doesn't, the world will not end. maybe.

    great post. and great idea on the corkboard. i'd only be able to put one item up on mine, though...

    do not go insane. completely, anyway.

    have a great new year!

  5. your hair!!!! It is getting SOO long!! It is cute!!
    You dont need to cut it short EVER again!!lol



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