Monday, January 11, 2010

From the Library

Our internet provider is wonky this week, so I'm at the library.
I was unable to post my item-of-the-day on Etsy yesterday. (see above for why)
So, here I am, at the library, posting it now.
I guess I could just say I was sticking with the tradition of not working on Sunday and not count it as a loss. :) That works. So, now I say that they are Monday's item and we're all good.
While I'm here, I'll add that I'm unhappy the library won't let me get on Facebook. :(
However, I am happy that I can check out a George Winston CD. They have a sad selection of music here (actually, they have a sad selection of everything here. I am not impressed.), but I did discover George Winston and Wynton Marsalis thanks to them.
Now, If you have any ideas on how to make my Etsy shop more successful without my having to spend gobs of money, your advice is much appreciated. I suppose I'm off to not check my facebook.
Happy Monday, folks.

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  1. I think I would DIE without FB access. OK, probably not, but I'm glad I have my iTouch with the Facebook app, so I'm pretty much hooked up anywhere I can get a WiFi signal :)

    Super cute item!


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