Saturday, October 18, 2008

Life is crazy.

I feel like I'm being attacked by my life!
Or, more appropriately, bear-hugged, and suffocated in the process. I like bear hugs, but sometimes a girl needs some room to breathe! Tons of good things keep happening. Etsy sales, custom orders, opportunities to hang out with friends, that conference I went to all this past week that is finally over...

Oh, that conference made it hard to do other stuff. But it was so great. Turns out, I'm not emotionally damaged, but hopefully now I know how to help people who are. :P And I got to know Anna Leigh and Joe a lot better, which was awesome. There's nothing quite like playing hooky and eating cookies during a less-important session. And I only got one picture from all that time we spent goofing around and learning important stuff.

Commentary: as I write, I'm singing "Taylor the Latte Boy" in my head.

I have a little less than three hours til time to leave my comfy home for more craziness. Gotta pick Laura up from work, then we're heading to douglasville to visit some cool people (you know who you are!) and go to church with them tomorrow. I'm so excited! ... Although I forgot my excitement momentarily as I stood watching 50 dollars be drained out of my account into the van at the pump this morning. lol - but hey, I'm praising the Lord that gas prices are lower than they have been lately, and that I'm able to drive to do fun stuff to begin with. :D

So, I ought to be packing. Speaking of packing makes me think of clothes, which makes me remember that I'm annoyed with Chadwick's. Girls, when you shop at Chadwick's online, pay no attention to their sizing charts. They're WRONG. I had to exchange my whole order.
And in other girly news, I still haven't found any new boots for the season. But that's ok. Turns out, so far I'm doing fine without them. ha!
You know that bear hug I was talking about? It kept me from being able to babysit this precious guy today. I think I could use a little time just to chill and play with some Play-Doh.

And... I could probably keep blogging, but I need to go. Here's another picture for ya!

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