Monday, October 13, 2008

Top o' the Mornin' to You

Good morning, fellow human beings!
After a weekend of sickness, I finally feel like myself again. Hooray!

I don't believe I have ever begun a post that way before.

Anyways, I was sad to miss church yesterday, but I got my required rest, and am feeling much better today. Quite in good spirits, I assure you. I believe I'm going to have myself a cup of coffee while I update. After my update, I have tons of crocheting to tackle, and I'm looking forward to it.
So, let's do a recount of positive things so far this morning, shall we?
1) I'm well!
2) I started a post in an unusual sort of way. (I wasn't going to include that, but I changed my mind)
3) COFFEE! Finally. I didn't have any while I was sick. mmmm yum.
4) I'm in a cheerful sort of mood. That's always nice.
5) Blogging usually makes me happy somehow, too.
6) I have goals set for the day, and the motivation to accomplish them.
7) I read TONS of Calvin and Hobbes before I went to bed last night. Although I guess that really doesn't have a lot to do with today.

And now, for the icing on the cake. Sweet pampering of vanity! An awesome feature about me and my shop on the Wishing Willow blog. Check it out!

Wishing Willow is so great. It's a super blog, featuring all sorts of artists and crafters, run by the talented husband and wife team, Nate and Tara.
The creative labor behind Wishing Willow's unique look and feel is a team effort. While I oversee the product selection, correspondence with designers, layout and site management, my husband Nate handles the writing of the features themselves. My pleasure in this process comes not only from finding and featuring new artists and designers, but also from enjoying my husband's crafting of words on a daily basis. Wishing Willow, for me, is a showcase not only of your work, but of his as well.
Correspondence with Tara has been a delight, and her husband's way with words is beautiful to behold.

And so, I feel like I'm cutting what could end up to be a long, rambly post very short, but I must go. Dear little Ben is waiting to play his racing game. ;-) And this is random, but my other brothers are in their room singing "Don't Let Go" with Josh Groban. O_o haha!
Also - apologies for the lack of pictures. I know pictures make the post sometimes, but for today, words will have to suffice.

-Oh look! A random picture of me. Maybe that will partially make up for the lack of pictures. =P

**waves goodbye**

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