Saturday, June 28, 2008

We're in Florida!

Tuesday morning, Laura and I were dropped off at the airport a little around 6:30 AM. Our flight wasn't until 9:10. We were expecting a long, boring, miserable wait, but somehow the time went past pretty quickly.

We checked in our baggage, and one suitcase was 4 pounds over the limit. The fee for that was close to 30 dollars, but the nice girl at the desk advised us to move any jeans we may have in there to another suitcase, and that would take care of it. So, standing there fighting to pull things out of a half-zipped suitcase and cram them into another one was a little awkward, knowing there were people in line behind us who probably wanted us to hurry up. But it was much less painful than 30 dollars. :D

After we went through security, we decided to kill our time by riding the concourse to the international side of the airport. We got on at gate C, (we had headed there first to make sure we knew where we needed to be) then rode all the way (shoot - I just spilled some coffee on myself.) to the last gate, then AAAALLL the way back past C, past baggage claim, to where we wanted to be. It was a fun ride. lol

We walked around looking for breakfast. Laura got a cinnamon something at McDonald's. I had pretty much decided I wanted yogurt and granola or fruit or something, but had no idea where to get it. We went to Starbucks to get some coffee. Turns out, they have yogurt and granola and fruit parfait thingies. So, I got one. It was good, except for the blueberries. They were more like... chewy fibrous lumps. Weird.

As I was eating, I noticed a guy that looked like some sort of hippy beach bum sitting in a comfy chair, reading something. And then I noticed he was reading a Bible. And then I noticed that he was focusing intently, and writing stuff down. And then I was very impressed that a guy in starbucks was studying his Bible.

And then I thought how it's kind of sad to be impressed when you see someone reading a Bible. This country was founded on the Bible. Everyone ought to know it and love it. It should not be uncommon to see young men reading and studying the greatest book that exists instead of sports magazines. But it is.

Laura and I sat down in comfy chairs, too, and she read a Narnia book while I wrote in my journal. We decided it was much nicer to kill time in a Starbucks than by sitting, waiting, at our gate.

We went back to our gate, where there were no empty seats. Fortunately, it was much closer to time to board than I thought it was, so we didn't have to wait around too long. I left Laura with our stuff and went to get a bottle of overpriced water. By the time I came back, it was time to board! Hoorah!

I love flying. I hurt my neck looking out the window. :P My favorite part is takeoff. Watching the ground get further and further away... so cool. Especially when the plane tilts... Awesome.
The flight was relaxing and uneventful... although the man in front of me smelled kind of funny.

So. We got to Tampa, and waited for our bags. Got them, nearly had my arms ripped off carrying them to Aunt Cindy's car, and then headed home. Or home for now, anyways. And my poor shoulders were sore from carrying our suitcases for the next two days. Blast us girls and our need to carry everything with us. And I don't even like what I packed. lol

Aunt Cindy and Uncle guy left a couple hours after we got here for a little vacation. Sarah and Anna are also on vacation visiting some relatives. So, it' jut been me, Laura, and Alli. Very quiet and uneventful.

We've eaten leftovers all week. I have NO IDEA how to only cook for 2 or 3 people. I tried. And we still have had gobs of leftovers. Seriously. heh.

So, um... kudos to you if you read this whole post. It seems kind of boring to me. I'm sorry. I wanted to write a funny, interesting post, but... I thought I should write something, so I just started rambling. And this is what happened.

Have a good day. :)

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