Monday, June 16, 2008

From babysitting the Buckley boys

"When I grow up, I'm goin to six flags the day after we're married. We're going to ride that big roller coaster that goes really fast, and up and down, the ones that little kids fall out of when they go on it. I haven't got to ride that one before." -Bradley

That sounds like a fun honeymoon. I totally wasn't expecting the "day after we're married" part.

Bradley: "I love pepperonis. You know why I love them? They're so good for you."
Me: "Really?"
Bradley: "Yeah! full of all the right vitamins you need! that's why I love them."

I make THE BEST corn dogs and pancakes. You should know that. Bradley says so.

My favorite recurring conversation of the week:

Bennett: Caaaaaitlin!
Me (uninterested): Yeah?
Bennett: I looooooove you!

Go, Speed Racer, go Speed Racer, go Speed Racer, gooo!

"Laura, what's your name?" -Benny

Brayden could walk around smiling "hey!" to you all day.
Laura taught him to say "so looong! farewell!"

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