Saturday, October 6, 2012

curly hair, car loans, and camping. sort of.

So, this is how long my hair is now. 

 And it doesn't really look that long, but then I straighten it, and it's like WHOA! I DO have hair after all! YAY! (I know, I know, I promised myself no more heat-styling. But really, did any of us believe that? I promise, that's the first time I've actually straightened it for real.)

 Also, way to begin my blog post looking like a crazy person, right? Whatever. Everybody already knows I'm crazy, so it's not like it's hurting anything.

So, school is fun. I'm supposed to be hypothetically buying a car right now, to get a loan and calculate interest and stuff. I'll do it after I finish this. I wish I were actually buying a car. This whole not-having-a-car thing is weird. When I'm working, I take their minivan to school. Some days when I'm not working, I can drive mom's minivan. Some days I'm minivan-less, but it just so happens that I have this great, generous friend who gives me a ride to school on those days. Which is pretty neat, and I'm super grateful, but I feel bad for having to ask all the time.

Oh, right, school. Philosophy is fun. We've been all about the foundations of Western philosophy in Ancient Greece so far, but we're moving on after midterms.

Math is super easy, which is ... miraculous. The prof is wacky, and sometimes class is boring, but I'll take boring over miserable any day.

English is so great. I just love English. That's why I'm even at college, y'all. This professor is fantastic. I'm supposed to be starting a narrative descriptive essay this week, though, and I'm stuck. With 23 years of life experience,  I can't think of a good topic for an essay. How does that even work?

Physics is interesting and hard. The prof reminds me of what my brother, Nick, would be like if he were a teacher. So, I really do like the class, I'm just not making As. haha.

I don't even want to talk about the freshman Critical Inquiry class. -_-

And I finally got my membership card for the Wellness Center on campus. Just in time; I have a 5k this Saturday, and I have got to spend the week trying to get back in shape. I thought signing up for this series would spur me back into gear, and it did not. I'm blaming it on school and work. Anyway, the treadmills and I are fixin' to become best pals.

Y'all, I was so excited to go to bed before midnight last night. Like, giddy. I was grinning as I set my alarm clock for 9 AM.

Um... So... what else should I mention? (I have become terrible at this!) Oh! I get to help teach little kids at church again. That's fun. I love kids so much. I'm actually babysitting my little 3 year old buddy right now, but she's napping. :)

I really want to go camping. Someone needs to call me and be all like, "hey! let's go camping!" And I'll be like "YEAH! let's hit the wilderness with some sleeping bags and marshmallows!" (Actually, I'll probably be like "crap. I really wanna, but I'm working for the next 5 weekends.") But, yeah. I just have this nagging little ache for percolated coffee in the early morning, surrounded by cool mountain mist, and late night marshmallow roasting, and cozy sweats and sleeping bags. I'm torturing myself here.

So, I guess I'm going to go hypothetically get a car loan now.
:) me


  1. I'm glad to hear you're doing well. Good luck with school! I came to the conclusion that every semester, there are good classes and bad classes, so I just tried to gather what I could from each one.

  2. Your hair is SO cute now!!! It looks really good straightened!!

  3. I think this is the best blog I have been through all this


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