Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy February!

Hello, people.

In my blog absence, I have been to the Bahamas, and been sick.
And who knows what I did with all the time in between, because that was only two weekends.

Of course, I intend to write about my 3-night cruise with Anna Leigh, but sometimes my good intentions don't turn out so well. I have the trip to Florida chronicled in splendid Caitlinesque detail, and the adventurous dance party night fairly well covered, too. Other than that, the rest of the trip is still waiting patiently to be written about, and if I don't do it soon I shall forget.

The problem is once I start writing, I write in exact detail, and end up with a Very Long Story. And then it's so long, I'm not sure anyone will want to read it anyway. So, with the prospect of the documentation becoming a Very Long Story No One Wants To Read, I put it off.

Now you know! But I will try to get around to it, and give you lots of pictures to break up the monotony. And you all seem to enjoy my writing, even when I think it's boring, so I shall give it the benefit of the doubt.

At any rate, moving on to other things: Today is Groundhog Day. Which, honestly, holds no significance for me. I usually forget that it's groundhog day and don't find out the results of the foreshadowing (or not) til days later.

So, happy groundhog day! May winter leave soon. It was quite a shock being in the Bahamas for 3 lovely, warm days, and coming back to the cooold weather. Not that I'm complaining - I'm glad I live in GA where it almost never gets below 30.

P.S. If you would like to buy something from my shop, now would be a good time... Sorry. :)

P.P.S. Oh! By the way, I made a really cool beanie for this kid I know, and I failed to take pics and write a pattern. So, tomorrow, he's wearing it to church and I WILL take pics and write a pattern. And I shall show it to you because it's awesome.

That's all.



  1. Sounds like you had a fun time away...well not including the sick part. Part of me wants to see the Bahamas...but growing up in Hawaii, I have a thing about wanting to visit cold places and not ones that look like where I came from :P

  2. Awesome!!! I didn't know that you went to the Bahamas!!! Post some pics! =)


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