Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Frustrating Problem


I just realized that I've got to redo some pictures in my Etsy shop.

This does not look like the same color as this.

And the sad reality is that neither representation is quite correct.
"Fig", in actuality, is not as purple as the first example, nor is it quite as pink as the second example.

This realization has made me quite distraught because, for some unknown reason, my inner photographer has died. I always take like 100 pictures in order to get 5 good ones for Etsy. And lately, I can't even seem to manage 5. I don't know if it's the camera, or if it's me, but what used to be fun is now a dreaded task. I suppose I could just open up picnik or something and tweak colors until I think they're closer to real life, but I would hate to mess up and misrepresent.
But I'm already misrepresenting! That's the problem!

So, until I realized that I was having an absolutely delightful day.
And now I've decided this little trifle shan't ruin it.

I had pumpkin spice coffee this morning, thanks to my fantastic aunt. (love you!)
My dears Katey and Alicia came over and shared it with me. Then Katey and I went for a forever-long walk and talked about C.S. Lewis and becoming and all sorts of nice things.

I expounded upon my recent realization that to become who you aspire to be, you must attempt to be it in order to really become.
**blank stare**

The more I try to say what I mean the less it sounds like what I meant to say.

I think I'll just go continue having a productive day.

Happy trails, yo.

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  1. I don't see anything wrong with altering the colors if you're simply trying to make them look more like they actually do in person. I can totally relate to your frustration though. I sometimes enjoy photographing items, but it's usually the part of the process that I least look forward to. It's like you make this item and it is so unique and creative, but then you have to get all businessy on it by photographing, measuring, pricing, writing a description. It almost takes all the fun out of it.

    I want some pumpkin spice coffee now! Will your aunt brew some for me too?


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