Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Which Caitlin Turns Twenty

Today I am Twenty.
What does that mean?

I am no longer a teenager.
In a year, I will be twenty-one.
If I live to be eighty, a whole quarter of my life is over.
While I may be young, I can't just shrug and say "ah well, I'm still a child!", for I am not.
Being a grown-up comes along gradually, but being Twenty makes it more real.
Twenty does not "feel" different.

It has been an odd two days. In preparation for the coming school year, my fellow teachers and I attended a conference. Of course, you know that the other ladies I work with are all "grown ups" compared to myself. The conference was full of such grown ups. I'm certain I was at least six years younger than anyone else there. Twenty or thirty years younger than everyone, for the most part. So, while I was mourning becoming old, I was painfully aware of just how very young I am. Quite interesting.

The teacher I worked with last year told me today to stop calling her "Miss" so and so.

And now, I present you with a list of thing I have not yet done in my twenty years of life, and would like to accomplish sooner or later. Preferably sooner.

Twenty Things I'd Like To Do**

  • Grow my hair out long again*
  • Travel someplace exciting
  • Become more like Christ*
  • Lead some people to Christ
  • Go to school for photography/cosmetology/writing
  • Make my business more successful
  • Learn another language
  • Read the Bible through
  • Write something publishable
  • Develop patience for larger crochet projects
  • Take guitar lessons
  • Go skydiving
  • Learn to dance
  • Ride a horse
  • Keep a quote journal
  • Become somebody's special somebody***
  • Read more great books*
  • Write regularly
  • Learn to play the piano again
  • Be a fantastic Oldest Sister*
* currently a work in progress
** money, time, and God permitting/no particular timeline in mind
*** no particular somebody in mind at this point, in case you were wondering

Thank you to all the fantastic people who wished me a happy birthday.
I couldn't ask for better friends!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAITI!!!!!!!!! I hope that you 20'TH b'day was awesome! <3 ya girl!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope year 20 is a great one filled with many wonderful memories! (Great goals as well!)

  3. Happy birthday! Great list, I hope your 20 dreams come true :)

  4. TWENTY??????? You OLD!!!!lol jkjkjk
    One day all the things on your list will be checked off!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Miss ya!!


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