Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Note the Third

Other things I'm supposed to tell you about:
  • Belle
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • Random Preschool Stuffs
  • and Amazement at December
But first!
I interrupt your regularly scheduled program to announce:
*clears throat*

Y'all, I'm so psyched. I actually sold a hat! This one. And I have 22 dollars in my PayPal account now. How sweet is that?! I'm very excited. It's cool. lol.

Belle is our puppy.
Actually, Daddy's puppy.
But we haven't got her yet.
We'll get her Monday, I think. From Leah Hammond.
She's a cutie. And she likes to bark. Daddy's always wanted a Dachsund. And she'll help keep his spirits up and stuff since he's sick. Pictures, anyone?
funtimes 079

funtimes 075



funtimes 083

She's a cutie, eh? She likes to bark. I have a video, but it would take too long to upload, so you'll have to miss it.

Coming next: Operation Christmas Child and The Hammonds' Non-Bonfire Party

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