Monday, December 3, 2007

Note The Second

The first thing on my list to tell you about was NaNoWriMo.
National Novel Writing Month.
That was last month.
My total word count on day 4 was 2,800.
My total word count on day 30 was 2,800.

You see, I sorta gave up.
Well, actually, I very truly gave up absolutely and positively.

This is what happened:
I was writing along about how my characters had a nice picnic at the park (oh, how sunshiney and boring), and then mentally conked myself on the head. "Agh! This is supposed to be deep, and kinda darkish, like Dickens! I've read enough Dickens - why can't I write like that?!" And then I was sick of writing about their happy day at the park.
So, since I knew one of the brothers had to die, I decided to go ahead and kill him. Since the goal was 50,000 words, and editing would come later, it didn't really matter what order they in, right? Anyways. I killed him. He slipped on a rock, and ... yeah. So, I wrote about that, and how one sister ran for help, and the other sister nearly passed out... and at some point, I ran out of words again, and just sat there.
Nothing came.
Nothing came.
Nothing came.
Birthday cake!
This scene with the mom standing in the kitchen, asking one of the girls what kind of birthday cake she wanted. She wanted strawberry.
And since the stupid scene wouldn't go away, I said "oh, whatever! I'll write it."
I got to the part about strawberry cake, and said "AUGH!! BIRTHDAY CAKE!? This is supposed to be about suffering, and sadness, and hope glimmering through the Dickens-esque darkness and clouds, and I'm writing about picnics and birthday cakes?!!!"
And I slammed the book shut and never opened it again.
As a matter of fact, I believe I put it in a drawer a few days later.

And that, my friends, is the story of my story.

You know, people say write what you know; write from experience.
Other people say write whatever you want; making things up is half the fun.

Ah well.
Maybe I'll try again next year. Or persuade myself to piddle around with the story again sometime.
In case you're not familiar with the theme of my story, I decided to attempt a novel based on a very strange dream I had. You can read about it here:

Stay tuned for whatever I decide to blog about next!

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