Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sunday evening the girls and I went to Hopeland Gardens. They hadn't been yet, and I was eager to go again, so away we went.

Aiken is a horse town, and Emmie loves it. There are horse statues and stables everywhere! Hopeland Gardens is home to a racing museum, but it wasn't open Sunday evening.I was so pleased to find the fountains running this time around! The fountains and reflection pool are built on the foundation of the original house.
I took the girls to see the labyrinth and they immediately decided to walk it. (I would have done it with them, but I had a muscle spasm in my neck and couldn't turn it. ha! Imagine walking that maze without turning your head. I doubt it's possible.) Once they got to the center, they decided to "rewind" and do it backwards. I don't think they managed to get very far that way.

We were on our way to find another horse statue when a red-tailed hawk dipped over our heads, carrying a squirrel away for lunch. We followed him to his perch and watched him. He made his disapproval of our rude staring quite clear. I strained to get a good picture of him, but he was too far away. I got lots of blurry ones, though! Hawks are so fascinating to me.In other news, some dear friends we didn't get to say goodbye to before we left GA are stopping by for a visit this afternoon!

I seem to have forgotten how to properly write a blog post. My introductions and endings (see, now I can't even remember what you call them) are lacking. So, I'm just gonna say bye. There will be more news and pictures soon. :)

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