Wednesday, March 16, 2011


In my lack of blogging, I have neglected to inform you...

I got a haircut.

And then I got it shorter still and had a fun night out with some girlfriends for Valentine's Day.

(and in case you were wondering, this is why I did it)
(I ruined it with a flatiron. The curls were dead and could not be revived.)

Also, I just visited my sister at her college on Saturday. I am happy.

The End.


  1. Oh Caiti, you look GREAT with short hair! You are one of those girls who not only pulls it off, but completely rocks that pixie hairstyle like nobody's business. I love your curls, so I can see why you went through with this. But if I were you, I'd be seriously tempted to leave it like that for a while. SO cute!

  2. Hey! Just wanted to ease your curiosities and let you know that I believe the same thing you do for the most part. I think I may practice it differently, because I'm not at all active in any church and at this point it's not something I'm really looking for. I guess you can say I've been put off by many churches I've been to in the past and never have found the right one, so my husband and I make it work without all that. That being said, a friend of mine did tell me about a place that sounded promising, and I'm always open for change.

    How is that short hair treating you now that the weather is warming up? I loved having short hair in the summer.


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