Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rapunzel Returns

Time for another hair update!

(Last update: Rapunzel, Rapunzel )

So, my hair's growing slowly but surely. I wish it would grow quicker, but the awkard mid-length part is pretty much over. Aaaand, despite my constant lust for quirky hair, I'm resisting all thoughts of cutting it again. Dying it, too. No more fun hair. I'm going to grow it back out long and natural. And then guess what? I'll chop it off again!! **evil laughter* ... maybe. maybe not.

But the point of this post is so that you can admire my constancy and determination.
Also so you can tell me my hair looks great. Which means you need to see a picture.

Lucky for you, I have four.
I was feeling snap-happy.

Obviously, I straightened it. It looks longer when it's straight. Which means it looks shorter than this when it's curly. (don't you love my redundancy?) I have to straighten it every now and then to help me remember that it's growing.

After church, I ran around looking for batteries for the camera. "You guys, I have to find batteries!! I have to get a picture of my hair or all that time spent fixing it will be WASTED!"

Obviously, I found some batteries. And now you have this lovely post.

You're welcome.


  1. Love the hair! It has always been so pretty...and I like it long, too!

  2. Very cute Caiti!!! You're doing an awesome job of growing it out! =) btw you're hair looks sooo cute at that length! <3

  3. Very pretty! I just hacked mine off, but it was a long time coming. I always seem to be either growing it out or cutting it all off :)

  4. Love it!!!!!
    LEt it grow, and gorw, and gorw, and gorw, and gorw, and gorw, and gorw, and gorw, and gorw, and gorw, and gorw, and gorw, and gorw.......then cut it!!!!LOL

  5. Looking good! Waiting for hair to grow is hard. Dreads are even slower! D: I can't wait to have dreads to the middle of my back (and longer) but that will be like three or four years from now. Ahhh!
    Stay strong and don't snip! heehee

  6. Haha! You are hilarious.

    I LOOOVE this hair on you. Really cute and flattering. Not that other hair would make you look bad, but you know...

    My hair grows crazy fast. I can cut it to my chin and within a year it's to the middle of my back. Ack! Needless to say, I'm lazy (and cheap) and I almost never get it cut. Just let it go wild.

  7. Thank you, peoples!!! I love you all.

  8. I love your hair! That is exactly how I wish my hair looked!


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