Thursday, June 18, 2009

Unrelated Accomplishments

Remember when I made that lovely green vest thing?
I posted a poll on my blog that said: What should I do with the green vest?
(because, if you'll recall, it was a little too small for me, and I didn't want to sacrifice my favorite buttons for something I couldn't keep.)

You answered:
Get over the button issue and sell it on Etsy
1 (5%)
Put on new buttons and sell it on Etsy
19 (95%)
Give it away - family or friend maybe.
0 (0%)
Heck with too small! keep it!
0 (0%)

Oddly enough, I decided against the majority.
The vest was just so pretty, it deserved my bestest buttons.

So, here you have it.
Finally properly modeled, photographed, and listed on Etsy. YAY!

So, moving on to the unrelated accomplishment.

I just so happened to write a poem that was very pretty.
It's dark and sad and beautiful.

Momentary silence.
Unnecessary fears.
Return to pain and violence
Immersed in private tears.

Time is neverending
Elusive glimpse of peace
Darkness and pretending
Aching for release.

I'm very proud of my sad little brainchild.
And I'm amused by the fact that I wrote it while in a very silly, happy mood.
It can be difficult to focus on dark imagery when you're feeling chipper. But I did it!
After I told Katey and Alicia to stop making me laugh and let me focus for just a second.
I always write strange things at their house...

Anyways, that's just a random update to share the things I'm very proud of.
Maybe I'll remember to update again soon instead of abandoning my blog for over a week as I seem to have gotten into the habit of doing.



  1. Beautiful vest, and those buttons are just right.
    Your poem is so sad, I'm glad you were actually in a happy mood when you wrote it!

  2. I love the colour of the vest and the buttons are perfect with it

  3. That vest is so cute! Very sweet poem, glad to hear you're not feeling sad though. ;)

  4. The vest it SOO cute if I had money to bye it I would!!!

    Love the poem too!!!!!


  5. oh, it's super cute! i think the buttons go really well together! ;)

  6. You are crazy talented.

    And pretty.

    And smart.

    And nice.

    And youthful.

    With so much potential!

  7. Love the new posts. Sunday I saw you across the parking lot as we were pulling out...what were you doing there? I wish I could have come seen you!

  8. Aw, Thanks Beki.

    Rosie! I wish we had seen you!
    We were just dropping Laura off so she could ride with Taylor to camp sunrise for the week. :)

  9. That's such an adorable vest!! It turned out beautifully :D


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